Apollo Creatives

Apollo Creatives
Apollo Creatives is owned by Laurel Stewart and based out of Ithaca, New York.

I operate out of my home office and have a passion for finding creative ways to do marketing in a simple, effective, concise way.

I started offering my time as a consultant because I discovered people who wanted a little help for a reasonable price. People who couldn’t afford (or need) to hire a big consulting firm or a full-time marketing employee, but understood the importance of marketing.

So then who is Apollo?

Ha — just kidding, I trust you know who Apollo is.

The name of the business invokes Apollo from Greek mythology because I identify with him:

  • He has many roles – he’s the God of Science and the God of Medicine, but also the God of Music and the God of Light. The myths don’t make him choose one role to excel in, and he gets to have it all. Apollo’s many talents are convenient proof that you don’t always have to pick a career or say no to a path – doing more than one thing skillfully is actually possible and doesn’t necessarily result in mediocrity.
  • Apollo shoots arrows but he also heals. There’s a balance to him that I identify with, in philosophy and practice.
  • He’s the God of Truth, an important tenet of marketing and business.
  • Finally, I have to mention… Apollo wears a laurel wreath around his head, which generally represents success, and of course, happens to also be my name.

More about Laurel

When I’m not doing consulting work, I run digital marketing at a software company headquartered in LA. I love traveling and exploring new places by hiking to their tallest hill or mountain, and I am also a yoga teacher / anatomy-alignment-enthusiast.

I don’t have any cheesy pictures of me sitting at a computer working in Adobe Illustrator, so here is a picture of me at the top of one of those tallest-places I just mentioned:


If you would like to contact me, the best way is to email me at apollocreativesmarketing@gmail.com.