About Laurel Stewart

Laurel StewartLaurel started practicing yoga on a daily basis when she realized how much it empowered her day-to-day life, with both a stronger body and a more focused mind. Becoming a teacher was an extension of that understanding — she believes that everyone can benefit from the moving meditation implicit in the yoga practice, and hopes to help people use yoga as a tool to be their best selves. Laurel’s classes focus on strengthening and relaxing muscles that support a healthy spine, to encourage continued health and discourage injury.

RYT200Laurel Stewart is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor, with a 200-hr certification to teach Vinyasa Flow from Frog Lotus International.

What’s this whole Without Exception bit?

It’s pretty simple:

#1 – Everyone can practice yoga, without exception.

#2 – We practice yoga for all beings everywhere, without exception.

Everyone can practice yoga?

It’s true!

All beings can enjoy (and hugely benefit from) a yoga practice.

As yoga has gained popularity over the past few decades, it has taken on stereotypes and images, some of which are accurate and many of which are not.

The most important thing to know about yoga is that anyone can do it, regardless of strength, flexibility, calmness, ability to clear the mind, you name it. True, you might find that if you practice yoga regularly for some time, you might watch yourself make progress in any number of these areas, but that’s a side effect as opposed to a prerequisite.