Marketing Philosophy

At its best, marketing helps consumers discover your brand and understand the value you will provide. It brings problem-solvers to solutions quickly and with ease.

At its worst, marketing is a manipulative and money-driven machine that relies on the naïveté of the masses by bullying and seducing consumers into buying products.

Because of the latter, we don’t always value marketing as much as we should. But marketing is at the very core of the organization of all companies. It defines the expectations of your customers when they first connect with you, and it helps you understand what your priorities are.

Marketing has changed drastically in the last several decades – now, marketing empowers your customers to do research on their own, to understand your value before you even connect with them.

In short, marketing is most powerful when kept simple, driven by the truth about what you have to offer the world. And when you arrive at the very core message of your value, you will find that your marketing helps you make the tough decisions that you encounter in your business.

In order to think smart about marketing, you need to be creative, willing to dig deep to get to the very essence of your brand, and you need to have a product that has value to someone, somewhere.

Payment Philosophy

I’m one person, I do consulting on the side, and I’m not looking to quit my day job, where I run marketing at a B2B high-tech software company. I value my time not doing that, so I have to get paid to do consulting work – but the truth is that I’m passionate about this stuff and I want to help you.

So let’s be transparent about money. I think the most important part about marketing is that it must be creatively simple. And you know what puts a kabosh on creativity? Being in a rush. And you know what happens when you’re being charged by the hour? You rush things.

So. You don’t have to pay me for any part of the brainstorming, the collaboration, the consultation — that’s where we get to be nerdy and passionate together about your project.

I’ll only bill you for the time I spend on my computer by myself doing the dirty work. Because I value the time not at my computer doing this:


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