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Site Overview, Layout, and Design

Websites can do many different things.

You may want to use your website to expand your business in a particular way, or maybe you want to create a place to describe and define a specific offering. Websites can have vastly different goals, and they will determine the way the site is developed.

What are some sites that are close to what you want your website to be?

Do you like them because of their organization? Because of their look and feel? What stands out to you and what do you want to emulate?

Start thinking about your site map.

For instance, the site map for apollocreatives.com is very simple, with just 5 top-level pages, but if each of the services had a page of their own, the sitemap would look something like this:

  • Home
  • Philosophy
  • Services
    • Branding
    • Copy Writing & Editing
    • Web Development
    • SEO
    • Graphic Design
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Press Content
  • Work
  • About
  • Get Started


What does your site need to do?

Beyond delivering basic text pages with images, are there any other functions that need to occur? Are there forms to fill out? What else?

Branding and Imagery

Any existing imagery that can be used for branding the site, including logos, graphics, or other images, should be emailed to Laurel, and/or you can provide a link to a dropbox folder in the box below.

Images are an important part of making websites come to life. If you don’t have any images to use, Laurel will create them for you. We’ll talk more about this, but any creative vision you have to inform the project now will help.

Social Media


Social Accounts

Connecting social accounts to your website allows you to display content, such as a twitter update, directly on your site. It is absolutely not necessary but if you do want these to be integrated, please select from the list below:


You’re all done!