Past Work

The following are some examples from my portfolio.

Radiant Compassion

Alison Christiansen’s website to promote her yoga classes and other wellness workshops and events.


I consulted with Alison to refine her brand as a teacher and therapist, and helped her capture this in words. I designed the website to bring the essence of Alison to life in a simple, effective way.

Ducson Nguyen for Common Council

Ducson Nguyen’s campaign for common council seat of Ithaca’s 2nd ward.

I worked with Duc as his Campaign Manager to hone his brand; refine his campaign platform and web content; design his website; and various graphic design projects including mailers, door-hangers, web advertisements, and street signs. Duc won the primary and general elections.

Simple Sutras

A modern-day translation of Patajali’s yoga sutras by Mathew Ingles

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.55.13 PM.png

I copy edited the author’s book after its initial draft and layout.